“The power that made the body, heals the body.”
— BJ Palmer

The last time you got a cut or a scrape you probably ran to the first aid kit and put on a band aid. After a few days, when the band aid eventually comes off, the wound will mostly be healed and you can stop caring for it. But what made the cut go away? Was it the band aid? Neosporin? No, obviously not. Our bodies possess and innate ability to heal, because we are designed to be healthy.

Every cell, organ and tissue in our body is constantly working to keep our bodies health and functioning at its best. These healing properties are coordinated by the nervous system, which is the master control center for our body. The brain, spinal cord and all the nerves that branch out act as a mass communication system that coordinates every action in our body. Running, swimming, breathing, smelling and yes, even healing, are controlled by the nervous system. This system is so important that the brain and spinal cord have bone around them to protect it. As the spinal cord exits the brain, it enters the spinal canal which is made up of 24 moveable bones, called vertebra, that help keep it safe. Unfortunately, when we experience trauma these bones can rotate out of their proper place and irritate the nerves, which can lead to the symptoms that we feel.

Chiropractic researchers have shown that nerve interference from the spine can result in asthma, allergies and colic to back pain and headaches. At Murdock Family Chiropractic, we use state of the art diagnostic tools to assess the spine and nervous system and use gentle, specific chiropractic adjustments to help restore nerve function and allow your body to heal naturally.